COVID-19 Questions & Answers (As at 6th April)

We must all work together to minimise the risk of spreading Covid-19. Although it is not possible to offer a completely risk-free environment, we have carefully considered what can be put in place to keep both you and our team as safe as possible. 


Follow all National Guidance and please stay at home if you feel unwell.

Important information and answers to key questions follow:

Do I need to book a visit?
Yes please. Tables for up to six people from different households or up to eight people from two families only can be booked online for Monday 12th April onwards.

We have been asked by the Government to collect the contact data for the person booking your table. Our booking system will prompt you to add key details.
Call 01275 462770 if you want to arrange a one-two family gathering outside for more than 8 people. 


Do I need to wear a Mask or Face Covering?
Face coverings do not need to be worn outside. They must be worn in our building if you are using the toilet or need to pay inside.

What will happen when I arrive at the pub?
Your household will be greeted at the entrance to our Garden Room or Courtyard Garden and your booking will be checked. You will then be shown to your table. 

Will my contact details be collected?

Yes. The Government has confirmed it is no longer enough for one person to be nominated as a party lead. Everyone aged 16 or over will be need to check-in using the NHS App via our pub's QR code. If you are unable to check-in via the app, you will need to give contact details to one of our team.


How will I order drinks and food?
Your server will explain the drinks and dishes available. Your order will be taken at your table when you are ready. 


What training has your team received?

Every one of our team will have received Physical Distancing and Enhanced Hygiene training. Also, our staff know they must feel completely well to enter our pub. We would ask that you keep to the same key rules:

  • Try to keep a minimum of 1 metre to 2 metres distance between you and anyone not in your social/family ‘bubble’

  • Stay at home if you feel at all unwell

  • Regularly and thoroughly wash your hands


What enhanced hygiene arrangements are in place?
Tables, chairs and payment machines (PDQs) will be sanitised after every use. A number of our team will also be been trained as Sanitiser Champions. They are responsible for cleaning surfaces, such as door handles, that are regularly touched.


Will Hand Sanitiser be available?
A Hand Sanitiser pump will be available at our main entrance but we strongly recommend you bring your own preferred brand of sanitiser to use.


Can I use the toilets?
Yes. Please wear a mask and use common sense and move through our building keeping to the 2 metre rule if possible.


Am I able to smoke?

You are, but well away from seated guests. Please ask a member of staff for directions to our smoking point.

I want to book one of your bedrooms? What arrangements are in place?
Our bedrooms are available to book from Monday 17th May onwards. You will find all the latest information on our Sleep page. 


We will regularly review the measures we have in place and will make sure they are updated in line with Government advice. Please be patient with our team. They will be working hard to make your visit as 'normal' and enjoyable as possible. If you have any further questions or comments please email

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